What Punctuation Am I?

What Kind of Punctuation Am I? 

I think I am a parentheses because these are a way of adding more (as in more detail) to a sentence but still keeping it grammatically correct. I relate to a parentheses because I talk a lot so I add a lot of details to conversations like a parentheses adds detail to sentences. I also am like a parentheses because they look like little smiles for example (: , the little smiles remind me of me because I try to always be happy and I love to smile (even though you may not see it through my mask).

Daily Goals

For me the plank was hard but so rewarding. When we first started and I heard that we were going to be getting up to about five minutes I thought that I would surely collapse, but as we went along I could feel my strength growing and five minutes did not feel so impossible. Doing my plank taught me so much about how dedication and time. I first thought when we started I thought I would see no improvements but I saw a lot of improvements. When we started with thirty seconds I thought that was semi hard which seems crazy because after a week or so thirty seconds sounds like nothing, my final time was 4:15 seconds.

My new goal is to do squats, so right no right now. I am doing twenty squats a day. Once it is January 15th ( mid January) I am going to start doing thirty squats. I have been coloring in January on sketchbook.

Lion Maker Comic

      This is a wisdom take that I made into a comic; a wisdom tale is a story with a moral to it. This story is call The Lion Maker and the moral is that street smarts is just as important as book smarts. I think this moral is very important because a lot of people just care about book smarts and forget to learn life skills. I chose the comic because when I read it seemed interesting and fun to draw.


One of my favorite hobbies is crafts. The photo is an origami Christmas tree that I made and the lights are beads on a piece of string. I do crafts any free time I have and for my birthday and Christmas I always hope for craft supplies. I find crafts calming and a good downtime activity. I love origami, painting, coloring and also making bracelets.

My Remote Week

During my remote week I learned that I like at home work better when I do it with someone. For example, me and my brother would work together or I would call a friend and work together. This helped me stay focus and feel connected. I did not really have a spot where I did school, I just did wherever. My favorite homework I did was making my French Algeria presentation and also making my Language Arts story. I was reading “What was The Hindenburg?” but I finished that this morning so I am looking for a new book.

My Gratitude

I am grateful for my family, pets, food, school, outside, winter, holidays, baking, field hockey and my friends. I am grateful for my family because they are always supportive and caring, they also just make me happy. I want to give gratitude to my pets because they always want to play and my favorite is when I come home from school and my dogs jump all over me and get excited. I am thankful for food because my family can afford it and I know some people can not. I am grateful for school because it is fun to see my teachers and friends, I am also thankful because they are helping me in the future when I want to get a job or to get into a college. I am especially thankful for school because I know it is hard to be open during a pandemic and I know all the faculty and staff are working extremely hard. I am thankful for outside because I love to be outside and it is very calming to be outside. I am thankful for winter because it is my favorite season because of the brisk air and warm hot chocolate, also sometimes we get snow. I am grateful for the holidays because it makes me happy and I get to see my extended family (there is also great food). I want to show my gratitude for baking because it is enjoyable and relaxing, also delicious. I am grateful for field hockey because I get to meet new people at practice and have fun playing the sport. Last but not least I am grateful for my friends who make me laugh and have fun, they are always there for me as well.

What Book I Am Reading

                                                                             Who Was John F. Kennedy by Yona  Zeldis , Jill Weber and Who HQ.

I really like this book so far it is very interesting. It is a biography about JFK who was a former president of the USA, but sadly his presidency was cut short. It is medium level of reading difficulty. It has some nice pictures and the chapters are pretty short. I am someone who likes to read biographies so this is a great book for me but if you don’t like biographies this is probably not the book for you, but it is still worth a try because you never know.  If you enjoy this book there is another book on his wife Jacqueline Kennedy which I have also read and it is very good. These are both ebooks on Sora but I looked it up and they do make paper copies.

8 Month Puppy Update

My puppy has grown so much since April and he gets along great with our 10 year old (he is on the left , he is named Clark). Lewis (the puppy) was 15 pounds when we got him and now he is 80 pounds! He has been my best friend and love him so much; it has been great to watch him grow. He just makes me so happy and I am so glad we managed to convince my parents to get him. It literally feels like yesterday  we got him yet in four months he turns 1 ! Lewis is one of the best pets I have ever owned 😁💚

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