I falsely invested in six stocks. I falsely invested in Coca-Cola, Clorox, Abercrombie and Fitch, Nike,
Peloton, and Chipotle. I invested in Coca-Cola because I really like to drink it and I thought it would do well. I invested in Clorox because I thought it would do well. I invested in Abercrombie and Fitch because I get some of my clothes from there. I invested in Nike because it seems pretty popular so I assumed it would do well. I invested in Peloton because I wanted to do six stocks and it just popped into my head. I invested in Chipotle because it is one of my favorite restaurants.

My class and I did this because we had read a book called “The Westing Game” and one of the main characters, Turtle, loved stocks. The first thing we did for this project was to make a stocks chart, one of our teachers helped us make it. Then we filled out the chart and updated it every week. It was fun to keep track of the stocks but my stocks did not end up doing very well. My final amount of money lost was -$1,168.15.

The Lady Or The Tiger

In my language arts class we read “The Lady Or The Tiger”. This a short story about a jealous princess, an angry queen, a nervous boy, a tiger, and a woman. But there is no end to the story which just leaves readers wondering. So my LA class had to write an end to the story, here is my ending: As the youth stood in front of the doors he could his hands shaking and his heart beating a beat too fast he thought about the princess, his lover and whether she would lie to him only to satisfy her jealousy. He felt trust and deception in her at the same time.
He decided that the envy in her was too strong so he did the opposite of what she said so he opened the left door. He felt the ice cold handle touch his finger in an unpleasant way but what could be waiting behind it could possibly be even worse than the chilled handle. He started to gently tug and right as he made the first little nudge he looked back at the princess to see if she had noticed he was not opening the right door. In fact she had noticed and she had an astonished look on her face. This face could mean that she understood that he outsmarted her or she thought that he was too suspicious to trust her logical advice.
The heavy door slowly opened and he could hear the old hinges screech. Inside lay a tiger, it lurched out at him but the second it stepped out of the old room he jumped in and shut the door. This left the tiger stuck in the arena alone and him alive.
As he was sitting in the dark and cold room he realized that he was alive but he also realized that his love was trying not to get him killed but he didn’t believe her. He could imagine how angry she would be for the fact that he had assumed she was lying. But he hoped that her joy for the fact he lived would overpower her anger.
The youth went through the back exit of the room and started on his way to the princess to beg for forgiveness but he was worried what the king would think but he thought seeing the princess was more important.
He got to the royals and ran to the princess to apologize but as he started the princess shushed him and said that all she cared about was the fact he wasn’t dead or with the other beautiful woman, he hugged and thanked her for her kindness. But he wasn’t out of the clear yet because he hadn’t talked to the king so he turned and looked to the king ready to here angry shouting but instead the king said that if he could survive a tiger trying to kill him he was good enough for his daughter and with that him and the princess lived happily ever after.

TED talk project


What we did. 

In my class at school we had to watch TED talks and then make our own.

What I did mine on.

I decided to do mine on field hockey.

Why I chose that.

I chose to do it on field hockey because play field hockey and I noticed a lot of people didn’t know much about field hockey. So I thought it would be helpful to teach people about the basics. I also wanted to do a topic I was passionate about and I really love field hockey.

What I did to make it.

The first thing I did was decide on what I wanted to address about field hockey but I could not decide so I just did a it on the main key points of field hockey. Then I started writing a script on what I wanted to say, then I made slides that went along with what I was saying.

My experience.

I enjoyed making and practicing my presentation. It was fun to show it to my family and friends as well. But I was really scared when I had to present it to the class. Even though I was scared it ended up going pretty well with the class and it wasn’t as bad as I thought it would be.

Tree Books

My classmates and I made tree books at school. Our tree books are pieces of decorated paper, card stock, and cardboard. We worked with a local artist called Peg Gignoux, I put a link to her website at the top of my post. There were also small pockets containing things we wrote.

The first thing we did to made them was use a stencil to print words in ink onto a thick cardboard card stock and painted these big pieces of thin card stock blue. Then we folded the blue paper and cut the thick card stock into tree shapes and glued it onto the blue paper forming a book.

We then decorated it with shapes we cut of papers we painted with akua ink and pressed with plants. After that we added little pockets all around our books.

In the pockets, we put a poem we wrote about things that we took for granted before COVID and a list of things we wanted to do one day. We also added a paper we wrote about someone in our family and we put in a wish that we had too. My wish was “I wish for everybody to be happy and healthy.”

I loved working on this project. I had done collage before but I never had used akua before. Once we had finished we had then displayed in an art museum (which was super cool) and we read Wishtree by Katherine Applegate because it matched with the theme of trees. I showed my family my tree book after I had finished, they really liked it.

My Story

Ms. Dowell said that to right a good story you want a beginning that pulls people in and makes them want to read so I incorporated this into my story by starting with a dramatic question. Another thing Ms. Dowell said was that around the center of your story you should add the climax, the climax is point that your whole story has been leading up to, I incorporated this into my story when the book’s characters met a mystic. She said that the ending should be satisfying for the reader to read and something that answers questions that came up in the book, I tried to do this at the end of my story.

From revising with others I learned that I need to work on the part in between the climax and the end as it was a bit confusing. So I fixed that part and if I had not revised the story with others I probably would not have realized it was too confusing. I felt very fulfilled and proud of my story when it was finished and I really liked the way it turned out.

I felt so honored when Frances Dowell, a real author, liked my story and it was a great experience. I think I will write more stories in future especially this summer I plan to write a couple while I am on summer break.

To learn more about Frances Dowell, click here


Window or Mirror

Image from Sora

A mirror book is a book that is similar to your life. It is called a mirror book because it is like looking at a reflection of your life. A window book is a book that is different from your life. It is like looking through a window into someone else’s life.

I think “The Okay Witch” is a mirror and a window for me because I can see myself in this book and I can see people with different lives than me in this book too.

I can see myself in Moth (the main character) because she is in middle school and I think we have similar personalities, she is shy, curious, kind, and thoughtful and I think I am too.

It is a window for me because I am not a witch and I have a dad and mom where as Moth only had mom.

My New Daily Habit !

My old daily habit was to do at least 15 squats every day, I chose this habit because I wanted something easy that I could do whenever. This habit has been a good one but I have gotten a bit bored of squats because it is just the same motion over and over.

So for my new habit I wanted something I could change up a bit throughout February and the habit I found was yoga. Yoga was a good option because there are so many different and interesting poses and stances. Yoga would also help with my balance, which I need good balance for bike riding, skate boarding and I like to stand up on the swing in my backyard and swing in circles. Not only would yoga help my balance and body, it would also help my mind because it is a great form of meditation and relaxation.

What Punctuation Am I?

What Kind of Punctuation Am I? 

I think I am a parentheses because these are a way of adding more (as in more detail) to a sentence but still keeping it grammatically correct. I relate to a parentheses because I talk a lot so I add a lot of details to conversations like a parentheses adds detail to sentences. I also am like a parentheses because they look like little smiles for example (: , the little smiles remind me of me because I try to always be happy and I love to smile (even though you may not see it through my mask).

Daily Goals

For me the plank was hard but so rewarding. When we first started and I heard that we were going to be getting up to about five minutes I thought that I would surely collapse, but as we went along I could feel my strength growing and five minutes did not feel so impossible. Doing my plank taught me so much about how dedication and time. I first thought when we started I thought I would see no improvements but I saw a lot of improvements. When we started with thirty seconds I thought that was semi hard which seems crazy because after a week or so thirty seconds sounds like nothing, my final time was 4:15 seconds.

My new goal is to do squats, so right no right now. I am doing twenty squats a day. Once it is January 15th ( mid January) I am going to start doing thirty squats. I have been coloring in January on sketchbook.

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